Infusion Clinic

WFMP has been offering an infusion service to our patients for the last few years.

As demand grows, we will move to a onsite redesigned facility upstairs, that will provide a more comfortable setting whilst remaining safe and friendly.

The clinic will be offering:

  • Iron infusions
  • Saline / hydration infusions
  • Bone health / Zoledronic Acid infusions
  • Antibiotic infusions

All infusions will require a doctors appointment first to determine suitability and safety. Please discuss with a GP at WFMP if this treatment is suitable for you. If so, you can book online through hotdocs.

If a GP outside of WFMP has recommended this therapy, you will still be required to see a WFMP GP to ensure suitability to have the infusion here, and to ensure all of our guidelines can be met. This can be done the same day as the infusion, please call our reception team to discuss scheduling this appointment.

All infusion appointments are allocated one hour, to ensure you are comfortable and not rushed, however, you may not need this long on the day.

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