Eating Disorder Treatment

There are a number of things at KFMP that we do well.

Managing complex patients and chronic conditions is one of them. We look at the whole person and work with a team based model to improve your overall health and outlook on life.

Eating Disorders are one of the chronic and complex diagnosis that the doctors at KFMP can help you or your loved ones journey through. From diagnosis, to working on developing your village of team members to help you, to managing your good days and bad days. We can help to decide on the bad days what action needs to be taken, and on your good days we can celebrate your wins and look to the future. We are there for you, your family and loved ones.

As GPs we can:

  • Identify eating disorders by recognising and following up on warning signs, and proactively screening at-risk groups;
  • assess, diagnose, and medically manage eating disorder presentations
  • refer to eating disorder-specific mental health treatment
  • refer to dietitian and other health professionals and medical specialists, as required
  • manage the care team across the course of treatment
  • manage and work to prevent long term preventable complications of eating disorders such as osteoporosis
  • determine if and when urgent care is require and facilitate referral and inpatient care

If you or a loved one are worried about eating disorders, several of our GPs have a special interest and experience in this area.

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Other GPs in the practice may also manage this and other conditions too.

Supporting and caring for a loved one experiencing an eating disorder can be a challenging time for family and supports. There are many helpful, practical and empowering resources available for the family and supports of a patient experiencing an eating disorder, and some of these resources have been outlined below.

Services and support

Resources Families

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