Aviation Medicine

Aviation Medicine

Dr Annalyse Crane is an Aviation Medicine specialist at Virgin Australia, she is a Designated Aviation medical examiner (DAME) providing all classes of medical for pilots and air traffic controllers at both WFMP and KFMP. Dr Crane holds post graduate qualifications in aviation medicine from Monash University and is experienced in complex case management of pilots and ATC.

She is  a Medical Review officer, providing assessment and management of workplace drug and alcohol policies including rehabilitation and support following non negative work place DAMP tests. Dr Crane has provided expert witness statements on a variety of cases for pilots and other airline employees in Australia. She attends regular professional development for ICAO and CASA with conference presentations on an Australian and International stage.

Managing relationships, shift work and the demands of aviation life is well understood by Dr Crane and she can help you navigate your health concerns as your GP and DAME.

If you want to be a pilot – you need to undertake a medical examination authorised by CASA. If you are learning to fly, you may apply for a class 1 or class 2 aviation medical. Private pilots only need a class 2. If you ever intend on holding a Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) you need a class 1 medical, don’t spend a fortune on learning to fly to find you cannot attain a class 1 medical.

The process of applying for an aviation medical:

  1. Log on to and register for an Aviation Reference number https://www.casa.gov.au/licences-and-certificates/aviation-reference-numbers/individual-aviation-reference-numbers#ApplyforanindividualARNthroughmyCASA
  2. Apply for a medical certificate via CASA MRS – complete the CASA medical questions and pay CASA $75. You will receive an email back saying everything has been submitted, now go find a DAME.
  3. Dr Crane is your DAME– book via the hotdoc aviation medical link for WFMP or KFMP
  4. If this is your first medical, you need to see the Designated Aviation Opthalmologist, (DAO) we have a few nearby in Miranda at www.sydneyeyesurgeons.com.au Dr  Brighu Swarmy or Dr Dov Herch are recommended. You will need to pay for this separately
  5. You need to go for a audiogram – a hearing test, any hearing centre can do this test, but Dr Crane needs the report to submit to CASA – you will need to pay for this separately
  6. You need a fasting blood test – Blood Sugar Level, and Lipids / Cholesterol – can be done onsite with our pathology lab – medicare covered at the time of your medical or the next day
  7. We will organise an ECG whilst you are at your medical, this is included in the cost of your medical.
  8. During your medical assessment with Dr Crane, she will ask you lots of questions mandated by CASA, if you have any medical conditions such as asthma or diabetes please disclose these, if you take medication every day such as for high blood pressure or contraception please disclose.
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