Gender Health Care

Humans have always had a wonderful diversity of gender and sexuality, and we are delighted to live in a time where this is becoming increasingly recognised and supported.

We recognise that it can be difficult finding pathways to Gender Affirming Care, despite this being vital for the health and wellbeing of our local trans and gender diverse community.

We have made it a priority to educate ourselves, our registrars and our medical students about Transgender and Gender Diverse (TGD) health care to increase the supply of appropriately educated and skilled doctors in Sydney and surrounds.

It is important to us that intersex, transgender, non binary and gender diverse people have safe and welcoming experiences with us, as we know that they may not have had that with all other health professionals, family members or friends.

We have had the honour of helping many people with Gender Affirming Care, whether that be with hormone therapy, surgery, speech pathology or whatever is important to our patients. We may not know everything, but we are constantly learning!

All of the GPs and staff at WFMP are happy to support and care for all patients on their health journeys. The following doctors have undertaken addtional training and education in gender affirming care.

In response to the interest in the details of the informed consent pathway to gender affirming HRT, we are releasing a copy of the WFMP guiding document for the AUSPATH staged informed consent pathway. Individual assessments are personalised, but many people will have about 3 visits to cover these stages.

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